Shipping Delivery

Shipping & Delivery


When do you ship?

Shipments are made on Wednesdays and all deliveries are shipped FedEx 2 Day or Ground (where eligible).  Orders placed on Tuesdays before 12 pm will be shipped the next day, and after 12 pm will be shipped the following Wednesday.

Shipments are made with dry ice so please ensure that someone will be available to receive your package on the day of receipt.  They will arrive 1 to 2 days following shipment, depending on region.

can i order 10 starter packs??

Absolutely!  But please note, due to technical constraints, each order must be made individually.

Wow!  You keep ice cream cold for TWO DAYS!?

Dry ice is -109.3 degrees F, so its plenty cold enough to keep your ice cream frozen!  We ship in insulated containers and calculate the amount of dry ice needed based on the destination.  Because the dry ice will eventually sublimate, we cannot accommodate shipments that will take longer than 48 hours.

Do you ship all over the US?

We ship to all 50 states via FedEx.

Can we order Barnburners!?

Unfortunately, because Barnburners are toasted-to-order, we can only offer them at our Tasting Room in Brooklyn, or though our catering services.  But we hope youll come visit soon!


For our cookies, caramels, brownies, bars, and other confections.

 When do you ship?

In order to ensure freshness, and a safe, smooth trip for our treats, we dont ship Thursday Sunday.  Orders placed after 12 pm on Wednesday will ship the following Monday.  Once orders are placed we require 48 hours to bake, prepare, and package your orders.

How long will your caramels keep?

About 1 month, but good luck keeping them around that long.

Can you please send this stuff to my po box?

Unfortunately, we cannot.