Opening Up and Catching Up!

Wow, its been a really long time and a whole lot has happened!  First of all, were open!  I mean, thats kind of the main thing, and everything else falls after that.

This week has been one full month in business, and personally I think thats worth celebrating.  Its my personal belief that when taking such a leap, its important to commemorate all the milestones big and small.  Even if its simply to reflect and it has been an eventful month, indeed.  Our Tasting Room has hosted so many wonderful and welcoming customers who seem to really enjoy our ice cream!  After working so long to build the business, this strange blurred tunnel vision thing happens and it becomes possible to almost  totally lose sight of what youre working on.  It has been reinvigorating to have such great folks giving us positive feedback.

Secondly, its not just me anymore hurray!  As fun as it was to embark on this crazy adventure solo, its far more exciting to work with some super talented and likeminded friends who share a passion for fine confections and all things food-related.  It all started with some incredibly long production days early on when I began to realize that the one-woman show might not be sustainable.  Walking home late at the end of a string of 18 hour days, I finally made the admission to myself.  I needed help in a big way.

Enter Jeremy Arkin Production Manager/Sous Chef & all-around ice cream superhero.

Jeremy is the brilliant mind behind Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Pretzel Honey Mustard (among others), and he can often be found spending quality time with R2-D2 (thats our vat pasteurizer) and wearing a Caped Crusader apron.

Bringing Jeremy on board was the first step in building our team.  We were making lots of ice cream and I had someone to whom I could direct my ramblings (I was getting kind of concerned that the walls were becoming bored with them).

Then we realized that our little Tasting Room was going to need a bit more manpower.  Chrissy Ward came to the rescue.  Shes the smiling face behind the dipping cabinet most days, not to mention our resident pastry/topping/confection-of-any-kind guru.  Chrissy has brought you such crowd favorites as Coffee Caramel Sauce and most notably, the Fluff Flambe.

We spend a lot of time together, working, sampling, and brainstorming the next big ice cream idea.  What a difference its made and I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great team that have quickly become good friends.

And it hasnt stopped were in the process of growing the team again.  Keep an eye out for some energetic new faces in both the Tasting Room and in the kitchen!

It doesnt even seem real to me just yet, but its so much fun to see the small space buzzing with activity every day.  Its surreal and things are certainly very different than just six weeks ago.  I still dont sleep much, but lately its because Im busy scribbling flavor ideas on Post-Its, or because Im so excited to taste whatever fun ideas we have cooked up for the next days production run.

Tonight is one of those nights.  On the docket for tomorrow is a Roasted Cherry & Chocolate Chunk in Tahitian Vanilla (were going to need a better name), and a Chevre Ice Cream with Fennel Pollen & Orange Zest (seriously, Im really bad at this naming thing suggestions welcome!).  The cherries were absolutely stunning at the market this morning and seemed to be begging to be bathed in ice cream, so I happily obliged.  Chrissys got something up her sleeve that involves some of Brooklyns finest doughnuts, and Jeremy is planning a smoke session for a fresh batch of Bonfire at the Beach, among other things.

The business side has been exciting, too.  Weve got some great restaurants on our wholesale account list, like Vekslers in Carroll Gardens and Building on Bond in Cobble Hill, and theres been a growing interest from others that were really looking forward to. Were also going to be a part of the upcoming Brooklyn Flea ice cream bonanza in some really fantastic company.

Ive learned so much over the past six months (is it really only six months??), and it turns out, ice cream is a ton of hard work.  Lucky for us, it happens to also be the most fun job in the world (in my humble opinion).

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.  I hope to see yall very soon!  I really think youre going to want to taste this little cherry numberI know I cant wait to try it.


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