Going straight to the source my new friend!

When I set out to do this, I knew Id have some learning to do.  Ive made hundreds of at-home batches (first on the ubiquitous Cuisinart freezer-bowl machine, and then on the commercial counter-top batch freezer in which I invested for our little Brooklyn kitchen last year) and had some commercial experience (making ice cream for a scoop shop in Connecticut), but I know that ice cream like any food is an complex science.  Its also a particularly delicate product, sensitive to the slightest changes in formula, temperature, and composition.  It relies upon precision, subtlety, and very specific sets of principles that become exponentially more important at a commercial level.

Location, location, location.  This is the resounding mantra when it comes to business.  As it should be location is critical, of course.

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And in New York, there are additional layers of city-centered nonsense and necessity:  foot traffic, steps to subway (count em), potential parking, whether the building facade appears as if it might crumble with a strong wind (or the next pass of a semi on the BQE), if the neighborhood happens to be up and coming (they all are, according to your broker).