Hay Rosie gets a heart and a new look.

Its been busy here at headquarters, but I wanted to check in and keep you posted on our progress!

A couple of new and exciting things since we last spoke; I am beyond excited to have our logos and branding almost complete.  Its something thats been in the works for a few months now, and I really, really, really love what has been developed by Studio Nudge.  Cant wait to share :)

Weve also officially ordered the engine of our business an Emery Thompson Batch Freezer.  This is the purchase Ive dreamt about whenever Ive thought about starting an ice cream business.  That big, shiny piece of equipment from which our freshly churned ice creams will come.  Its the heartbeat of Hay Rosie, and I cant wait to have her up and running.

This week we also had our first meeting with the NY State Dept of Agriculture.  They will be the regulatory agency for our space since were making our ice cream from scratch and will be pasteurizing our own base on-site.  The inspectors were great, and were really excited to be moving forward through the process.

The construction is moving along, and I was astounded at how exciting it can be to have walls!  I think the space is coming together really nicely, and I am starting to be able to see it as the home of our business instead of just the lines I drew on square paper over and over (and over and over).  I cant wait for yall to see it!

Thats about it for tonight, but plenty more coming soon!  Thanks for stopping by :)


Hay Rosie
on 02.21.14 said:

[...] hard to complete the construction at our location.  Next week, that Emery Thompson batch freezer I told you about is being delivered and were in development on the packaging that youll soon get to [...]

Auntie Miss
on 01.28.14 said:

Hi Stef! I am SO happy things are coming along for you and am SO proud of you!!!

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