Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about your ice cream?

Our ice creams are scratch-made in our Brooklyn factory.  They’re high in butterfat for a creamy, luscious texture.  They’re low in overrun (that’s the air that gets whipped into ice cream) and they’re formulated for a low relative sweetness that allows each flavor to pop.  We choose each ingredient carefully, and we build each ice cream to play to the strengths of those selections.

Why local?

We think a more appropriate question is why not?  New York and bordering areas have robust and thriving agricultural treasures from which to choose, we can’t imagine going anywhere else!

We can select the freshest and most quality ingredients, develop relationships with our suppliers, and help support the other small businesses, producers, makers, and farmers that inspire our crazy ice cream ideas.  That’s our dream.

Why don’t you serve strawberry ice cream in December?

Because we source our ingredients as fresh and locally as possible, we are beholden to Mother Nature’s schedule.  This means that you won’t find out of season produce in our ice creams.  If it’s not naturally available, we won’t be making it, but it also means that we get fresh inspiration for new flavors year-round!

A tasting room?  At a creamery??

Yes.  Inspired by Stef’s years in the craft beer business, we wanted to invite our customers in to see where and how our ice cream is created.  We take great pride in our process and if folks want to see it happen, we’d like to share that.  Plus it’s just good fun.

What on earth is a Barnburner?

A Barnburner is an ice cream sandwich made of dreams.  We rotate the selection of “shells” at our Tasting Room (think cinnamon buns, buttery brioche, sugar-crusted donuts, fudgy brownies, fluffy cakes), which we fill with your choice of flavor and scratch-made toppings and sauces.  Then the whole thing is toasted and sealed up for a warm, soft, cold, creamy experience that is a little cloud of heaven in your hands.

I don’t see my favorite brand of candy in your ice cream. How come?

We scratch-make our mix-ins (we call them “inclusions” in the biz) for two main reasons.  First, it allows us to control the ingredients and keep them in line with our overall standards.

Secondly, as much as I love inclusions, I don’t always love the way they all behave in ice cream.  They can become greasy or waxy or what I like to call “dental destroyers” – rock hard chunks that threaten the very molars that seek to enjoy them!

We formulate our mix-ins with sub-zero temperatures in mind, looking at properties like the freezing points of ingredients, and we develop formulas that allow us to better integrate mix-ins so you can enjoy a creamy-candy mixture – and still keep all of your teeth!

What’s up with the Charity Stuff?

We wanted to open a business in Brooklyn because we love our home.  We feel very fortunate to be part of a community that will so readily support and sustain our dreams, and we knew when we opened our doors that we wanted to return the favor.  We do that by donating a portion of our profits to a different non-profit organization every month.