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Ice Cream Brought to Life

Good ice cream - real, good ice cream, has a life of its own.  It’s one that begins in fields of robust grass and with contented cows.  One that engages the watchful eye of a farmer and the attention of dozens of artisans.  One in which creams and milks are carefully selected, ingredients are curated rather than plucked from a catalog, and freshness is paramount.  It’s a life that requires both precision and creativity, and above all the passion of everyone involved right down to that lucky person with the cone in hand. Good ice cream - real, good ice cream becomes a part of our lives.  As children, it’s the ultimate treat.  It is synonymous with celebration, and can be a powerful pick-me up when called upon.  We love it just as much as grown-ups, in flavors both comfortably nostalgic and adventurously adult.  And it continues to conjure memories of moments big and small when enjoying a cone well into our later years.  It follows us and brings us together, it’s delicious, unpretentious, and above all it’s fun. If it sounds like we take ice cream seriously, it’s because we do.  Ice cream is a huge part of our lives, and we hope to bring it to yours.

Meet the Founder

Stef has been obsessed with ice cream as long as she can remember. It was always the cure for a crummy day, the celebratory snack after a job well-done, and the nucleus around which innumerable conversations revolved. Come to think of it, there was always one reason or another to seek out a scoop or two or four. She and her mother Rosie always made it a point to share a few sundaes whenever time allowed.

While working in craft beer with The Bruery in Southern California, Stef was inspired by both the food & beverage business and small business itself. In 2014, she decided to trade pints of beer for butter pecan and to apply the principles she learned in the beer biz of collaboration, community, creativity, and a focus on quality and fundamentals to her favorite thing, ice cream.

Hay Rosie is built on Stefs unrelenting love of ice cream, with an immeasurable amount of support from family, friends, and community. And no, she never, ever gets sick of it.

Photo Credit: Cristina Sciarra

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